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  • Technological Approach in Implementation of Knowledge Management in Indonesia Higher Educational Institution

    Posted in Yogyakarta

    oleh Ali Murfi, S.Pd.I., M.Sc & Fitriyani, S.S., M.Sc

    Higher  education  that  is  based  on  the  human  capital  needs  to  manage  an  organization  that encourages  a  culture  of  knowledge  creation,  knowledge  sharing  and  knowledge  utilization through the implementation of knowledge management. In its implementation, in addition to people  and  processes  approach,  technological  approach  to  be  very  important  and  decisive, because  there  is  not  term  of  knowledge  management  in  the  absence  of  information technology.  Technological  approach  focused  on  effectiveness  and  newest  in  building  the integration  of  the  user  side.  This  research  uses  descriptive  method,  thus  systematically describe, facts, characteristics, objects and subjects studied properly. The results showed that Bina  Nusantara  University  Jakarta  manages  Knowledge  Management  and  Innovation Division through, first, the internet-based knowledge management portal based on Microsoft Share Point 2013 focuses on ease of access for users anywhere and anytime. This application has features for user’s personal blog, the storage capacity of One Drive, and Yammer social media.  Second,  Binus  Maya  &  Global  Learning  System.  Binus  develop  BINUSmaya  v.5.0. used  to  facilitate  communication,  collaboration,  discussion,  and  sharing  of  knowledge between  students  and  students,  students  and  lecturers,  lecturers  and  lecturers  as  well  as between  students,  faculty,  and  companies  both  inside  and  outside  the  country  aimed  at improving  the  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  service  delivery  to  all  stakeholders  interests. Third,  Binus  Website  used  as  a  media  to  communicate  the  various  media  of  internal publications (such as newsletters, innovation magazine, the leading edge magazine). Fourth, Microsoft Lync 2013, which serves as a media of online meetings, chat, voice and video calls.   

    Keywords: Technological Approach, Knowledge Management, Learning, Application, Binus University Jakarta. 

  • Comparative Study of Higher Education Management in Selected Countries

    Posted in Yogyakarta

    oleh Prof. Dr. Ir. Sahid Susanto, M.S.

    TitleComparative Study of Higher Education Management in Selected Countries
    Author(s)Prof. Dr. Ir. Sahid Susanto, M.S.
    Publishing Year2003
    Specific Detail InfoThis material was written when the author was invited as guest professor at Hiroshima University 2003